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Easy and simple binding of bales - with new smart patented system so that the band remains tight on the bale, thereby avoiding unstable bales. Featured on UX5, UX10, UX20 and UX30 models.

PLC control system from Schneider Electric
(Schneider Electric is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality control systems - your security for top quality)
Unibaler is the market leader in safety
All waste balers from Unibaler are rated to performance levels PLr E
(Requirement is only PLr D)
Extra reinforcement and reliability
(Double side guides, i.e. maximum support for the press plate on both sides. On all Unibaler models, the press plate is supported at three locations!)
Easy handling
 All Unibaler waste balers can be moved lengthways or across using a pallet lifter.
All Unibaler waste balers are compliant with the European safety standard EN 16500.
Except for the UX3, the bale is tipped out using an automatic, safe two-handed control.
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