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ABOUT Unibaler A/S

Unibaler's aim is that the buyer must be comfortable with the purchase, so Unibaler has an 8 days return policy for all waste baler models.

Unibaler is based on: Design, Price and Delivery.


NOW it is easy and simple to bind the bale
New smart patented system to bind the finished bale so the band stays tight around the bale, thereby avoiding unstable bales.

Incredible power and reliability 
All Unibaler balers have features such as a double side guide that provides maximum support to the press plate on both sides. This makes the baler extremely powerful and very reliable.

The world’s best control systems
All Unibaler balers use control systems from either Siemens or Schneider, which are the largest suppliers of quality control systems. This is your guarantee of world class quality when it comes to the "brain" of the baler.

No installation costs – ”Plug and Play”
- all you have to do is plug it in.
All Unibaler balers are less than 2500 mm in height, which means the baler can be shipped all over Europe in standard trucks, without having to retrofit cylinders etc. 

Easy to move baler around
- All Unibaler cardboard balers are movable, as the cardboard balers can be lifted both lengthways and across using a pallet lifter.



Unibaler must have the lowest prices!


Unibaler's aim is to be able to deliver waste balers anywhere in Europe within 48 hours.

Unibaler is a supplier of balers, also known as:

  • Cardboard balers
  • Waste balers
  • Plastic balers
  • Balers
  • Compactors
  • Vertical balers
to the whole of Europe.

In waste management involving the environmental recycling of cardboard, paper and plastic, a baler can be the first step on the way.

There is a lot of money to be saved in the proper handling of waste, not least including environmental considerations.

Simply sorting and recycling plastic, cardboard and paper has a large environmental impact. Compacting waste also saves high transport costs and thus protects the environment.

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